The Region

Who are the people in your neighborhood, really?

Virtual Fed

Joe Mahon | Director, Regional Outreach

Published September 27, 2011  | September 2011 issue

Virtual Fed has covered several great online data visualization tools before, and we’re not embarrassed to keep doing it, as long as Fed district banks keep coming out with them.

To that end, we’re happy to present the Philadelphia Fed’s new web feature called “Map Your Community.” The site allows users to create maps of economic and demographic characteristics such as income, poverty and property vacancy, detailed down to the neighborhood (census tract) level; changes in some variables can be tracked over time. Though the tool is designed with community development professionals in mind, it will be of interest to others who want to know more about their own part of town or towns nearby.

Explore your neighborhood—virtually—at the Philadelphia Fed.


Philadelphia Fed: Map Your Community