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Because housing is an essential element of economic well-being, the Minneapolis Fed has made research and analysis of housing issues a major initiative.
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Mixed-income housing

In recent years, some municipalities in the Ninth District have adopted mixed-income housing policies, also known as inclusionary zoning policies, which require housing developers to include affordable units in market-rate projects that meet a stated threshold. While some stakeholders view these policies as a powerful tool for addressing affordability challenges in high-demand neighborhoods, others question their design, costs, and effectiveness. Through a series of forums and writings, the Minneapolis Fed is gathering insights on mixed-income housing policies and sharing them for developers, local leaders, and community members to consider.

developers and city officials dueling conversations
Mixed-income housing: Developers and city officials see requirements differently
The Minneapolis Fed’s Community Development staff convened separate, productive meetings to gather diverse perspectives—and solutions—on one of the Twin Cities’ most pressing challenges
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