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Manufacturing working walking through a warehouse

For Ninth District states with more jobs than workers, there’s no easy fix

Experts from across the region convene for the annual Regional Economic Conditions Conference
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Pursuing an economy that works for all of us

Our Policy Work & Initiatives

We explore policy topics that are important to economic prosperity across our region.

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Center for Indian Country Development
We support the prosperity of Native nations and Indigenous communities through actionable data and research that make substantial contributions to public policy.
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Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute
The mission of the Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute is to conduct and promote research that will increase economic opportunity and inclusive growth.

What is a dollar worth?

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Economic Research


We produce world-class economic research and provide high-impact analysis and advice to Bank leaders on monetary policy and other strategic initiatives.

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Featured Authors

Andrew Goodman-Bacon

Andrew Goodman-BaconSenior Research Economist, Institute

Power, violence, and consequences at work

When violence erupts between co-workers, women bear most of the burden

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Jeff Horwich

Jeff HorwichSenior Economics Writer

Interview with Andrea Raffo: Leading a “center of excellence” at a critical time

Minneapolis Fed’s new research director oversees our team of economists who bring regional, national, and international insights to the policy table

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