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increasing profits during the harvest

Farm incomes held up through harvest season

Third-quarter survey shows farm income, loan repayment rates and land values are all up despite rising interest rates
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We explore policy topics that are important to economic prosperity across our region.

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The mission of the Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute is to conduct and promote research that will increase economic opportunity and inclusive growth.

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We produce world-class economic research and provide high-impact analysis and advice to Bank leaders on monetary policy and other strategic initiatives.

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Jeff Horwich

Jeff HorwichSenior Economics Writer

At a precarious moment, the world is awash in sovereign debt

Debt supported national economies through the pandemic, but now looms large as we confront inflation and recession

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Twin Cities region sees a year of lukewarm progress against persistent housing challenges

Data updates to the Regional Housing Affordability Dashboard reflect the Minneapolis-St. Paul regional housing market over time and compared to peers

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