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Collage illustrating a large hand distributing money to a large population of people to support their basic needs
One year of basic income in Minneapolis
Experimental findings show how a stable source of income helps households
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Graphic of two houses and the United States
Who is homeless in the United States?
Point-in-time counts of the homeless population in 2023 show that homelessness in America is widely experienced but highly unequal

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Blue and gold illustration featuring books, a laptop, and research symbols
Year in review: Summary of 2023 Institute Working Papers
Recent working papers study patterns and sources of income inequality, how the macroeconomy affects racial inequality, health care provision, and more

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Featured Resource

Income Distributions and Dynamics in America
The Income Distributions and Dynamics in America project combines data from U.S. tax forms with demographic information from U.S. Census Bureau records to provides statistics on income growth, income mobility, and income inequality for groups defined by place, race, ethnicity, and age.
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