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Minimum Wage

Our economists are examining how a higher minimum wage might affect health care coverage, some industries, prices and, of course, employment.

Minimum Wage Study

Researchers at the Minneapolis Fed are working on multi-year impact evaluations to examine the ongoing minimum wage increases for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Loukas Karabarbounis, Jeremy Lise, and Anusha Nath have partnered with the Bank’s Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute to examine short-run and long-run effects of minimum wage increases on workers and firms.

Study Findings

St. Paul Baseline Findings

The St. Paul Minimum Wage Increase Baseline Report [PDF]

Minneapolis Baseline Findings

The Minneapolis Minimum Wage Increase Baseline Report [PDF]
Presentation to Minneapolis City Council [PDF]

Media Coverage

Ahead for the Minneapolis Fed: studying how a higher minimum wage affects the city

Our Researchers

Research interests

macroeconomics, labor economics, productivity, international finance

Research interests

wage and employment dynamics, job mobility, human capital

Research interests

development economics, labor market dynamics, education and human capital development

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