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Because housing is an essential element of economic well-being, the Minneapolis Fed has made research and analysis of housing issues a major initiative.

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Institute paper key images
Army of Mortgagors: Long-Run Evidence on Credit Externalities and the Housing Market
Three two-story multifamily buildings in various stages of completion on a residential street in Minneapolis. The building in the middle is completed and has gray siding, black trim and yellow doors. The building in the middle is still being framed, and the building in the background is framed and wrapped but not yet sided. It's a clear, sunny, day and the ground is snow-covered.
Minneapolis 2040 Plan data tool prepared to measure impacts
A three-story apartment building  constructed in 1989 is pictured on a clear, sunny fall day. The building has beige siding, tan brick accents, white trim, and a brown roof.
Talking “toilets, taxes, and tenants”: Challenges mount for apartment owners in Twin Cities area
A small, mid-century, one-story house is pictured on a sunny, clear fall day. The house's exterior is a mixture of red brick and white siding.
Rise in investor-owned single-family rentals prompts policy responses
A panel of four property developers and city planners speaks at the Minneapolis Fed's February 14 event on surburban land use and multifamily housing.
City planners and private developers find common ground on improving land use policies and processes
On a clear sunny day, an attractive new manufactured home with red siding and white trim sits on its lot shortly after being delivered there. The home has a garage and a newly poured driveway.
Native Americans pay more to finance home purchases than White borrowers