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Statistical and Structure Reports

The Statistical and Structure Reporting function at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis provides the staff of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System with timely and accurate data by collecting, analyzing, and processing reports used by the System to determine monetary policy and to supervise financial organizations.

All report forms, accompanying instructions, and historical versions can be found at

Report Deadlines

2021 Report Submission Deadlines

Reporting Central Information

  • For a description of the process to obtain access to Reporting Central, click here
  • If you have already completed steps 1-3, please submit the Subscriber Access Request Form - (RC-1). With this form, you will be granted access to specific reports in Reporting Central. Please only sign up for reports that your institution currently files. You need a separate form for each legal entity. 
  • To find your RSSD # that is needed for the Subscriber Access Request Form, please click here and you will be directed to the NIC Public Website where you can search for your institutions RSSD #. Note that each legal entity has its own RSSD #.
  • Please email your completed Subscriber Access Request Form(s) to or fax the form(s) to 612-204-5905.

Reach out to the Statistical & Structure Reports team.

For other inquiries about the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, call (612) 204-5000 or visit our main contact page to be directed to the correct person or business area.