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Beige Book Archive

Known as the Beige Book, the “Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District” is published eight times a year and summarizes information on current economic conditions gathered from a variety of sources in each district.

Beige Book Archive


Read the May 2024 Minneapolis summary here.

Minneapolis’ New Beige Book Categories

With the publication of the March 2021 Beige Book, the Minneapolis Fed launched two new sections in its Beige Book contribution: 

Worker Experience
This section highlights the experiences of workers, especially dislocated, marginally attached, and historically disenfranchised members of the labor force. While some of this information had been included previously in the Employment and Wages section of the Beige Book, we’ve created a new category to be more transparent and draw visibility to this important component of the labor force, particularly in light of the Federal Reserve’s goal of maximum employment.

Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE)
This section highlights the experiences of businesses that are owned by minorities and/or women, whose experiences might differ from those of other business owners within the same sector. While some of these businesses can be formally certified as MWBE for procurement and contracting purposes, our data encompass businesses that self-designate in addition to those that have received external certification.

The Beige Book is not the only channel through which we disseminate the information we collect. Read our regional analysis and reporting for additional insights.


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