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Echo boomers are in their 20s

March 1, 2002


photo of Toby Madden

Toby Madden Regional Economist

Echo boomers are in their 20s

The first babies of the boomers have moved out of their parents' homes and into the workforce. However, the peak population of these "echo boomers" is still in trade school and college.

The age distribution charts derived from 2000 census data indicate that the age of the echo boomers spikes slightly differently across district states—from 16 years old in Minnesota to 20 years old in North Dakota and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, their baby boomer parents crest at 41 years of age across district states.

Population Charts
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

However, the echo is louder in the Dakotas and quieter in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The peak percentage of the echo boomers is 1.8 percent of the population in North Dakota and 1.7 percent in South Dakota, higher than the baby boomers in these states, who crest at 1.6 percent of the population. The echo is muted in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where the peak percentage of echo boomers is 1.6 percent of the population, lower than the 1.7 peak percentage of the baby boomers in these states.

Public Affairs intern, Nick Grezda, contributed research to this article.