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Class Action - In Brief

September 1, 2005


Douglas Clement Editor, The Region
Class Action - In Brief

Leaky buckets

Recent work by Minneapolis Fed economists explores the causes, consequences and potential future of economic inequality in the United States.

  • Inequality has increased substantially over recent decades, but the most common explanation appears not to account fully for this trend or the evolution of U.S. labor markets.

  • Moreover, the substantial increase in income inequality hasn't
    led to dramatic increases in consumption inequality. Economists suggest that credit markets have evolved, allowing people to "smooth" consumption.

  • Theoretical models of inequality show that a liberal criterion of fairness is compatible with extreme inequality of opportunity and result, but also implies social mobility.

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Douglas Clement
Editor, The Region

Douglas Clement was a managing editor at the Minneapolis Fed, where he wrote about research conducted by economists and other scholars associated with the Minneapolis Fed and interviewed prominent economists.