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State unveils major power and energy project

North Dakota State Roundup

July 1, 2006

State unveils major power and energy project

One of the biggest economic developments in the state's history was unveiled in May when state officials announced that the Jamestown area would be receiving a new coal-fired electrical generation plant, a new ethanol plant and an expanded malting plant for agri-business giant Cargill. Two years in the making, the price tag in terms of construction of the three facilities is estimated to be $350 million.

The power plant will be built by Great River Energy. Along with generating electricity, it will also produce steam that will be used by the ethanol and malting plants, which will be located nearby, helping each lower heating and overall energy costs. A Cargill spokesperson said the power plant was a key factor in the company's decision to expand the existing malting operation by roughly 30 percent. The ethanol plant, once completed, will have the capacity to produce 100 million gallons, consuming 25 to 35 million bushels, equal to all the corn grown in the immediate region.

Ronald A. Wirtz