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Through snow, rain, but maybe not consolidation

South Dakota State Roundup

July 1, 2006

Through snow, rain, but maybe not consolidation

Few services are as locally cherished as those provided by the post office. That's why the Aberdeen community is upset and nervous over a U.S. Postal Service study looking at a possible shift of some processing services from Aberdeen to facilities in Huron.

One study has been completed on the matter, and a second study—a more thorough audit—was still ongoing as of early summer. But the Aberdeen study is part of a much broader look at consolidation of postal services. According to local reports, USPS is already consolidating some services at 10 post offices nationwide, and about 40 studies have been completed or are ongoing regarding other facilities.

The American Postal Workers Union has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to slow the consolidation efforts in Aberdeen and elsewhere, saying USPS didn't give the union the required notice before conducting the consolidation studies. South Dakota's congressional representatives have sought—and USPS has agreed to—a public hearing on the matter, but no date had been set as of early June.

Ronald A. Wirtz