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2019: By the numbers

Staff in core functions, like our Cash department and Treasury Services, are especially critical to keeping our financial system stable and our economy moving forward. These numbers reflect their work, along with our public engagement, in 2019.

March 31, 2020

2019: By the numbers

We reached out to thousands of citizens in person and via social media and, as always, ably served financial institutions.

$11.4 billion in currency deposits from financial institutions

$1.0 billion of currency destroyed and not fit for circulation

$14.4 billion of currency shipped to financial institutions

20,558 attendees at Minneapolis Fed events across the region

156 speaking engagements by our leaders and experts

369,573 U.S. Savings Bond customer calls answered

2.4 million U.S. Savings Bonds scanned in our fulfillment center

$783 million paid out to U.S. Savings Bond customers

5,249 visitors toured the Minneapolis Fed

11,963,274 Twitter impressions