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2019 Financial Statements

Financial Stewardship at the Minneapolis Fed

March 23, 2020

2019 Financial Statements
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2019 Financial Statements [PDF, off-site via Board of Governors]

The Federal Reserve Board engaged KPMG to audit the 2019 combined and individual financial statements of the Reserve Banks.1

In 2019, KPMG also conducted audits of internal controls over financial reporting for each of the Reserve Banks. Fees for KPMG services totaled $7.2 million. To ensure auditor independence, the Board of Governors requires that KPMG be independent in all matters relating to the audits. Specifically, KPMG may not perform services for the Reserve Banks or affiliates that would place it in a position of auditing its own work, making management decisions on behalf of the Reserve Banks, or in any other way impairing its audit independence. In 2019, the Bank did not engage KPMG for any non-audit services.


1 In addition, KPMG audited the Office of Employee Benefits of the Federal Reserve System (OEB), the Retirement Plan for Employees of the Federal Reserve System (System Plan), and the Thrift Plan for Employees of the Federal Reserve System (Thrift Plan). The System Plan and the Thrift Plan provide retirement benefits to employees of the Board, the Federal Reserve Banks, the OEB, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.