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Request Neel Kashkari as a speaker

Thank you for your interest in requesting President Kashkari as a speaker for your event. President Kashkari receives a high volume of speaking requests and cannot accommodate every invitation. Where possible, we ask that you consider our Speakers Bureau of other Minneapolis Fed leaders and experts who may be able participate in your event. Additionally, before you submit your request, please read these important guidelines.

Guidelines for President Kashkari’s Speaking Engagements

  • President Kashkari may not accept compensation (such as a gift or honorarium) or reimbursement for travel/lodging in connection with a speaking engagement.
  • President Kashkari may not speak at political, private client, or fundraising events.
  • FOMC Blackout Periods

    President Kashkari and most other Bank leaders cannot speak during these periods


    • Jan. 21–Feb. 2
    • March 11–23
    • April 22–May 4
    • June 3–15
    • July 15–27
    • Sep. 9–21
    • Oct. 21–Nov. 2
    • Dec. 2–14
  • To promote transparency, the Minneapolis Fed livestreams, records, and/or publishes on our website most of President Kashkari’s public remarks. We also advise the media of his upcoming speaking engagements.
  • Federal Reserve officials generally do not speak publicly during the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Blackout, which is typically a 13-day period around FOMC meetings. Please consider these dates before submitting your request.
  • President Kashkari’s preferred format is to provide a 10–15 minute overview, followed by an open, town hall-style forum during which questions can be asked by a moderator, the audience, or some combination. Once your request is accepted, staff will work with you to finalize the specific format for your event.
  • Following speaking engagements, President Kashkari typically sends a note to attendees thanking them and connecting them to additional Minneapolis Fed research and resources. We are glad to work with hosting organizations on the format of this communication.

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The information provided above is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I agree to notify the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis if any information changes. I have also read and understand the “Guidelines for President Kashkari’s Speaking Engagements” listed above.