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Successful Strategies in Tribal Enterprise Diversification

A Center for Indian Country Development Policy Webinar Series session explored how diversification is a critical strategy for tribal economic resilience and stability

July 14, 2021 | 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. CT
Virtual video event

Successful Strategies in Tribal Enterprise Diversification

This second session of our year-long Center for Indian Country Development (CICD) Policy Webinar Series focused on understanding and addressing the strategic business decisions, challenges, and opportunities tribal enterprises face in today’s economic landscape.

Since time immemorial, tribal nations have innovated ways to provide for their communities’ well-being and prosperity. By necessity and through the exercise of self-determination, tribes have successfully created revenue-generating tribal enterprises and corporations. These tribal business entities not only fund the provision of public goods and services but also increase the capacity of tribes to expand and stabilize their economies and communities. As tribal business enterprises grow in capacity, size, and diversity, so does their role as important drivers of economic activity in Indian Country and beyond.

Tribal enterprise leaders discussed their experiences with diversification as a strategy for achieving long-term stability and economic resilience. The CICD research team shared an overview of the dataset of tribally-owned businesses in non-gaming industries enterprises it has created.


  • Provided a high-level overview of the scope of tribal enterprise activities across Indian Country.
  • Shared the unique role tribal enterprises play in employment and revenue production for tribal communities and governments.
  • Provided examples of tribal enterprise diversification challenges and successes.
  • Demonstrated ways tribal businesses are an economic multiplier in both tribal and regional economies.


  • Matthew Gregg, Senior Economist, CICD
  • Annette Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer, Ho-Chunk Inc.
  • Chris James, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (Moderator)
  • Chad Klinck, Chief Financial Officer, Creek Indian Enterprise Development Authority
  • Joe Nayquonabe, Chief Executive Officer, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

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Virtual video event

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