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Gloria Perez

President & CEO Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

Gloria Perez is President and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, an organization that invests in innovation to drive gender and racial equity. She was formerly president and CEO for the Jeremiah Program, a nonprofit headquartered in Minnesota, transforming families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time across seven cities nationally. Prior To serving at the Jeremiah Program, Perez was executive director of Casa de Esperanza. Perez brings more than 25 years of management and leadership experience to her position. She is an Ascend fellow at the Aspen Institute, a Catalyst partner with Stand Together, and serves on the boards of F. R. Bigelow Foundation, Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation, and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Perez received the Alexandrine Medal from St. Catherine University, an honorary doctorate from Macalester College, and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.