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Healthy Food Access in Minnesota

Published April 18, 2016

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Ela Rausch Community Development Project Director
Paul Mattessich Wilder Research
Healthy Food Access in Minnesota


This report, Healthy Food Access: a View of the Landscape in Minnesota and Lessons Learned from Healthy Food Financing Initiatives, is based on a multifaceted, mixed-methods study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and Wilder Research to provide new information for practitioners and other stakeholders interested in improving Minnesota’s food retail environment. Results, which offer a common foundation for groups to act:

  • Shed light on barriers related to healthy food access, consumption, and retail expansion for Minnesota;
  • Provide an objective picture of the relationship between healthy food retail access and diet-related health outcomes; and
  • Offer insight on the outcomes of existing healthy food financing initiatives in the United States and on important factors for successful operation.