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Financial Intermediary-Coalitions

Staff Report 87 | Published July 1, 1985

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Edward C. Prescott Senior Monetary Advisor
Financial Intermediary-Coalitions


This paper studies an environment in which the investment opportunities of agents are private information and shows that financial intermediaries arise endogenously within that environment. It establishes that financial intermediaries are part of an efficient arrangement in the sense that they are needed to support the authors’ private information core allocations. These intermediaries, which are coalitions of agents, exhibit the following characteristics in equilibrium: they borrow from and lend to large groups of agents; they produce information about investment projects; and they issue claims that have different state contingent payoffs than claims issued by ultimate borrowers.

Published in: _Journal of Economic Theory_ (Vol. 38, No. 2, April 1986, pp. 211-232) Published in: _Credit, intermediation, and the macroeconomy: Readings and perspectives in modern financial theory_ (2004, pp. 15-35)