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To Acknowledge and Appreciate

Top of the Ninth

June 1, 1995


To Acknowledge and Appreciate

As I thought about the column for this issue, Eileen McGuire came to mind. She was a long-term employee of the Federal Reserve who served as executive secretary first to Hugh D. Galusha, and also to the succeeding presidents Bruce K. MacLaury and Mark H. Willes. In the last few years of her career with the Fed, she was asked to edit a new magazine which she named The Region. A baseball fan, Eileen dubbed the president's column in the magazine "Top of the Ninth," a play on words for the Ninth District that stuck—as you can see.

Sadly, in early May Eileen died. I'm sure each of us remembers Eileen in a slightly different way, although I suspect we would all agree upon her love of language and her loyalty to the Fed. Even better, with each Region we have a tangible remembrance of Eileen and her contributions.

These thoughts led me to consider the significant contributions people throughout our organization make every day. These contributions are not always fully recognized and appreciated at the time, and yet over time they define the Bank, just as Eileen's early work on The Region established the course for the magazine and helped to position the Bank in the district.

Indeed, our success as an institution has everything to do with people like Eileen McGuire setting a new magazine on the proper course, or completion of the myriad of other tasks that employees set their hands to or lend their minds toward. The Fed is what its people do, and that is true on every level of the organization. Today in the bank are hundreds of people who routinely make important contributions. We need to take this time to acknowledge and appreciate their fine work.