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Lights, camera and the Fed in action

Virtual Fed

June 10, 2013


Joe Mahon Director, Regional Outreach
Lights, camera and the Fed in action

Do an online search for videos about the Federal Reserve, and many of the results that pop up will be, well, interesting. If you pursue a more "official" version, you're likely to come across The Fed Today, the Fed's informational video covering the basics of central banking and monetary policy. Regrettably, this production is more than a dozen years old and has no information about the ways the Fed, or the economy generally, has been affected by the financial crisis.

Fortunately, the Philadelphia Fed, on behalf of the Federal Reserve System, has fixed this gap with The Federal Reserve and You. This new informational video is comprehensive, covering the basics but also offering greater detail about the Fed's operations and history, and about money and banking more broadly.

With well over an hour of content, the video is structured in chapters so that viewers can get just a quick overview or go into greater depth about any particular topic. It's available to watch streaming online for free, and those who want a free DVD can order one on the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia web site.

Lights, camera and the Fed in action

Joe Mahon
Director, Regional Outreach

Joe Mahon is a Minneapolis Fed regional outreach director. Joe’s primary responsibilities involve tracking several sectors of the Ninth District economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and mining.