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Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute: Diverse, interdisciplinary, active

In 2019, conferences, research, and scholars making a difference

March 31, 2020


Jay Weiner Manager, Communications (former)
Abigail Wozniak photo
Abigail Wozniak, director, Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute and senior research economist
Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute: Diverse, interdisciplinary, active

Under the strategic and energetic leadership of labor economist Abigail Wozniak, the Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute advanced its mission to conduct and promote research that will increase economic opportunity and inclusive growth and help the Federal Reserve achieve its maximum employment mandate.

To that end, the Institute hosted two conferences of world-class researchers and national practitioners around “Distributional Consequences of the Cycle and Monetary Policy” and “Expanding and Diversifying Housing: Approaches and Impacts on Opportunity.” The former was part of the Federal Reserve System’s “Fed Listens” series, and the Institute leveraged that conference to reach out to community leaders. The housing conference resulted in a comprehensive housing policy brief.

Institute research reflected the breadth and depth of its mission: from a study documenting the economic decline of white, non-college-educated Americans to another modeling the environmental costs of land use restrictions, and many other working papers in between.

Meanwhile, the Visiting Scholars program continued to attract a diverse and interdisciplinary cohort of established and emerging researchers. Wozniak was frequently quoted in the public media and widely followed on social media. And a twice-a-year, free print magazine from the Institute, For All, launched in 2020.