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Data chart transposed over a diverse group of people meeting
Introducing Income Distributions and Dynamics in America
A virtual event with the team developing a new resource to analyze income fluctuations, income mobility, and income differences within and across groups in the United States.
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Visiting Scholar Program Application Deadline is January 15
We are currently seeking Visiting Scholars for the 2024-2025 cohort

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Asian woman highlighted against background of other people
Income growth by race and ethnicity: The two-decade view from Minnesota
Asian workers have gained ground relative to White workers, but large gaps remain for other groups

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Featured Resource

Income Distributions and Dynamics in America
The Income Distributions and Dynamics in America project combines data from U.S. tax forms with demographic information from U.S. Census Bureau records to provides statistics on income growth, income mobility, and income inequality for groups defined by place, race, ethnicity, and age.
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