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There’s More to the Story: Minneapolis Fed Launches Hamilton Student Contest and Exhibit

Minneapolis, August 21, 2018

There’s More to the Story: Minneapolis Fed Launches Hamilton Student Contest and Exhibit
One of the most popular musical productions of all time lands in the Twin Cities next week, and while many people can quote lines or sing along to “Hamilton,” not too many know that Alexander Hamilton created the nation’s first central bank.

The Minneapolis Fed is hoping to change that.

Starting the week the musical begins its run down the street from the Minneapolis Fed at the Orpheum Theatre, the Bank is launching a campaign to educate students and the broader public about Hamilton’s contributions to our country’s financial system.

Components of the effort include the chance for a student to win two tickets to the musical and a paid internship at the Bank by entering a social media contest. Another highlight: a special Hamilton-themed Bank tour open to the public.

Hamilton’s vision was bold: to create a system of stable financial institutions that could provide credit and support America’s nascent industries. This required a central bank, which ultimately became what is today the Federal Reserve System.

“The Minneapolis Fed is a direct product of Hamilton’s vision, and while it isn’t show biz, the work we do here is in service to our community,” said Neel Kashkari, Minneapolis Fed president. “We’re excited about this opportunity to have a little fun and share Alexander Hamilton’s story in ways that are relevant and engaging for young people today.”

Hamilton’s vision and drive to solve a problem in his community inspired the Bank’s student social media contest. To enter, students will be asked to share their own bold ideas to improve lives and the economy in their own communities. Students who live in the Federal Reserve’s Ninth District are encouraged to take their shot on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and share their best ideas for making their communities more equitable and economically vibrant by using #Hamilton4All.

What’s at stake? The contest winner will be offered a paid Bank internship and two tickets to see “Hamilton” on Oct. 4 in Minneapolis.

While he’s enjoyed renewed fame on Broadway, Hamilton also deserves credit on Main Street for laying the groundwork for the nation’s financial system. Despite his youth—he was in his early 20s—Hamilton became a close aide to George Washington and, ultimately, the first Secretary of the Treasury in 1789.

The Minneapolis Fed is expanding its free public tour program to include a special, limited-run exhibit showcasing Hamilton’s contributions to the financial strength we enjoy today. The Bank will also display banners about Hamilton’s legacy on light poles outside of the building’s main entrance.

To learn more about how the Minneapolis Fed is celebrating Alexander Hamilton’s life and achievements, take a quiz, enter the social media contest and sign up for a tour, go to


August 20

  • Hamilton website launch and social media contest begins

August 28

  • Banners put up outside the Minneapolis Fed’s building

August 29:

  • Free, public Hamilton exhibit opens at Minneapolis Fed as part of the Bank tour program

September 25:

  • Student social media contest closes

October 4:

  • Contest winner and guest attend “Hamilton” at 7:30 p.m.

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