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Supplement to Reservation Employer Establishments

CICD Working Papers 2017-03 | Published August 23, 2017

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Randall Akee University of California, Los Angeles
Elton Mykerezi University of Minnesota
Richard M. Todd Former Vice President and Advisor to the CICD
Supplement to Reservation Employer Establishments


This paper is a companion to CICD Working Paper 2017-02, “Reservation Employer Establishments: Data from the U.S. Census Longitudinal Business Database,” by Randall Akee, Elton Mykerezi, and Richard M. Todd (AMT). This paper serves as a reference document by providing an extensive list of the companion working paper’s regression results for 18 industry sectors and multiple regression specifications as well as a much more complete graphical summary of how the reservation-versus-county differences in establishment and job numbers implied by these regressions vary with population levels and industry.