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After Keynesian Macroeconomics


Robert E. Lucas, Jr. University of Chicago
Thomas J. Sargent New York University and Hoover Institution
After Keynesian Macroeconomics

Published In: _Current Readings on Money, Banking, and Financial Markets_ (1987, pp. 252-267).
Originally published as "After Keynesian Macroeconomics" by Robert E. Lucas and Thomas J. Sargent, _Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review (Spring 1979)_. This article is an edited version of a paper prepared for a conference by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and published in Conference Series No. 19, _After the Phillips Curve: Persistence of High Inflation and High Unemployment (June 1978)_, by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Reprinted by the joint permission of the Federal Reserve Banks of Minneapolis and Boston.
Published In: _The Rational Expectations Revolution: Readings From the Front Line_ (1994, pp. 5-30).
Published In: _A Macroeconomics Reader_, Brian Snowdon and Howard Vane, Eds. (1997, ch. 11, pp. 270-294),