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Tribal Community Perspectives on Higher Education

Strategies for Tribal Communities to Gain the Benefits of College Education and Research

September 14, 2017


Richard M. Todd Former Vice President and Advisor to the CICD
Patrice H. Kunesh Former Assistant Vice President, Director, Center for Indian Country Development (2015-2019)
Tribal Community Perspectives on Higher Education

Access to the educational and research services provided by colleges and universities is critical to the prosperity and well-being of all modern communities. Indigenous tribal communities are no exception, but the higher education system has not fully met their needs for access to post-secondary education and research. The CICD will focus attention on these issues at the Tribal Community Perspectives on Higher Education conference on September 26-27. Experts and leaders from tribal communities, academia, government, and philanthropy will discuss both successes and gaps in how the higher education system is serving tribal communities today, with an eye on developing strategies for tribal communities to gain the full benefits of college and university education and research. Featured speakers include Neel Kashkari (President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis), Carrie Billy (President, American Indian Higher Education Consortium), Barry Dunn (President, South Dakota State University), Stacy Leeds (Dean of the School of Law and Interim Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, University of Arkansas), Dr. Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy (Arizona State University), and Dr. Chris Meyer (Coeur d'Alene Department of Education). To register or view the event online (in real time or via post-conference videos), visit our Tribal Community Perspectives on Higher Education event webpage.