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Regional Economic Conditions: Worker Experience Survey

April 19, 2022 | 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CT
Virtual video event

Ron Wirtz Director, Regional Outreach
Regional Economic Conditions: Worker Experience Survey

How are job seekers faring in the current labor market? What are their objectives, and what are the biggest obstacles keeping them from finding a preferred job given the many opportunities in today’s labor market?

Ronald A. Wirtz Regional Outreach Director

Today’s labor market faces a fundamental conundrum: jobs are plentiful, but workers are not. Labor force participation has fallen over the last two decades, and fell even further during the pandemic, with few signs of a quick rebound.

Our Regional Outreach team recently surveyed job counselors and others who work with job seekers to learn more about the job-seeking experience. This survey was conducted with the help of the Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards, a statewide coalition representing Minnesota’s 16 local Workforce Development Boards.

Regional Outreach Director Ron Wirtz hosted a discussion on what workforce staff told us about job seekers’ experience in today’s job market, which was followed by a moderated Q&A session with workforce development leaders.

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Virtual video event

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Tammy Biery

Tammy Biery Executive Director
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Sahur Hussein

Sahur Hussein Career Planner
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Jinny Rietmann

Jinny Rietmann Executive Director
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