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Regional Economic Conditions: Tourism and Hospitality

September 22, 2023 | 9:00 – 9:45 a.m. CT
Virtual video event

Regional Economic Conditions: Tourism and Hospitality

How was the summer busy season for Minnesota’s hospitality and tourism businesses, and how do they feel about future business?

The Minneapolis Fed, Hospitality Minnesota, and Explore Minnesota Tourism partnered on a quarterly survey to gauge economic activity and the near-term outlook of Minnesota’s hospitality and tourism businesses.

Regional Outreach Director Ron Wirtz hosted a free webinar to discuss results from our mid-August survey to learn how the tourism and hospitality sector fared this summer. Ron was joined by Gretchen Nussbaum (Explore Minnesota Tourism) and Angie Whitcomb (Hospitality Minnesota) for an extended Q&A session that dig more deeply into survey findings, including how conditions compare across the state and among different types of businesses in this sector.

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Virtual video event


Presenter Information

Gretchen Nussbaum

Gretchen Nussbaum Research Analyst
Explore Minnesota Tourism

Angie Whitcomb

Angie Whitcomb CEO and President
Hospitality Minnesota

Ron Wirtz

Ron Wirtz Regional Outreach Director
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis