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President's Public Calendar Guidelines

Providing greater public access to the president’s scheduled events is part of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis’s commitment to transparency and public participation. The calendar is updated monthly and is made available 15 days after the last day of the previous month.

Items Listed on Public Calendar*

  • Public appearances and speeches
  • Attendance at Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings
  • Planned meetings (phone or in-person) with the following entities:
    • Parties external to the Federal Reserve System, including:
      • Media
      • Elected officials
    • Board of directors and related committees (e.g., Bank Budget, Evaluation and Risk Committee) and advisory councils
    • Directors
    • FRS officials
    • Federal Reserve System staff
    • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis staff
  • Time off

Descriptions of Meetings and Calendar Entries

  • Names, titles and affiliations of all external participants are listed, except for Bank councils or external Boards, where membership is already available online.
  • Locations of public appearances are included
  • Public speeches will include the title and, when available, a hyperlink to speech text/video
  • Meetings with current members of the board of directors will identify the person as a current chair/deputy chair/director, as appropriate, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis board of directors
  • Meetings with former members of the board of directors will identify the person using their current affiliation (including title and company name), if they have one, and affiliation as a former board member

* Items Not Included on Public Calendar: Meetings with candidates for employment, directorships, or advisory committee roles with the Bank, social functions, personal interactions (i.e., calls or meetings with family, friends)