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Alisdair McKay

Alisdair McKay Senior Research Economist

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Connect with Alisdair

Alisdair McKay joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis as a research consultant in 2017 and became a senior research economist in 2018. Prior to joining the Research Division, he was an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Boston University. He received his Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from Princeton University and his B.A. in economics from Columbia. His work has been published in the Journal of Monetary Economics, American Economic Review, Econometrica, and other top-tier journals. Alisdair’s primary area of research focuses on the macroeconomic implications of economic inequality.

The Discounted Euler Equation: A Note
2017 | Economica, 84(336): 820-831 | With Emi Nakamura and Jón Steinsson

Time-Varying Idiosyncratic Risk and Aggregate Consumption Dynamics
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The Power of Forward Guidance Revisited
2016 | American Economic Review, 106(10): 3133-3158 | With Emi Nakamura and Jón Steinsson

The Role of Automatic Stabilizers in the U.S. Business Cycle
2016 | Econometrica, 84(1): 141-194 | With Ricardo Reis

Rational Inattention to Discrete Choices: A New Foundation for the Multinomial Logit Model
2015 | American Economic Review, 105(1): 272-298 | With Filip Matějka

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2012 | American Economic Review (Papers & Proceedings), 102(3): 24-29 | With Filip Matějka

News Shocks and Business Cycle
2010 | Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly, 96(4) | With Per Krusell

The Brevity and Violence of Contractions and Expansions
2008 | Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(4): 738-751 | With Ricard Reis